That feeling you get when you are home alone and your music is blasting at full blast, and you are jumping and dancing around your room, and you feel like you can fly as you are screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs and nothing can bring you back down from your music high.

Things the Led Zeppelin members would never say

  • Robert: Hm, these pants are a little too tight, people could be offended. And please bring me a proper shirt, it's cold here. INFANT INFANT INFANT!!!
  • Jimmy: Darling I'm sorry, but you're too young for me. I prefer women with experience who can appreciate my tender loving. Praised be the Lord!
  • Jonesy: YO BITCHES, get out of my spotlight! This is! By the way, those stupids instruments bore me to death, I'll be the sexy background dancer from now on.
  • Bonzo: Cars? No way, we have to think eco-friendly these days! Bring me my bicycle and a soda, please, before I go and shave off this gruesome mustache!